Bee Removal in Tucson, AZ

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Bee problems can occur anywhere. Call DSR Pest Management, Inc. to effectively remove a bee hive or bee infestation for you.

DSR Pest Management, Inc. knows that the Tucson Arizona bee population has escalated in urban areas. Heavy spring rains brighten the desert landscape with an abundance of flowers, thus inviting swarms of bees.

When a bee swarm arrives on your property, it’s important to address the problem immediately. Structural damage is common once bee hives begin making honeycomb within a structure. Bee hives in Tucson are often found under eves, within pillars, under hot tubs, sheds, BBQs, and other hollow areas. Bees also make hives in trees thick with foliage.

Africanized or Domestic Bees?
Behavior is what differentiates an Africanized bee from a domestic honey bee. Africanized bees protect the hive and queen in a defensive nature, often attacking a potential threat to the bee hive. When an Africanized bee swarm senses a threat, they may sting the victim, person or animal, multiple times. Such a bee swarm is a danger to your family and neighborhood. DO NOT disturb a bee hive.

At the first sign of bees swarming around your home or business, put DSR Pest Management, Inc. in action to remove them - CALL 1-800-GOT-BUGS