Debunking Myths About Rodents

Pest control companies in Tucson get a high amount of calls about rodents. A lot of homeowners believe myths about these pests, which can hinder the removal process. Use this guide to learn the truth behind these myths so you know exactly what to do to get these rodents out of your home:

ThinkstockPhotos-469664755Myth: Rats Can Grow as Big as a House Cat

If you see an animal that is as big as your cat, it is definitely not a rat. The largest rat in the world barely weighs in at 1 pounds. When you call the exterminator about these larger animals, you should try to refrain from labeling them as rats so the pest control company does not prepare to exterminate the wrong kind of pest.

Myth: All Mice are the Same

There are actually many kinds of mice that might infest your home. A lot of people call the exterminator complaining about house mice when they are actually dealing with something like a deer mouse or a shrew. Call for professional help and let the exterminators figure out what kind of pest is in your home.

Myth: Mice and Rats Only Come Out at Night

Although this is typically true in the wild, rats and mice tend to become more active when they do not feel as threatened. If they are in the shelter of your home, they might come out more often during the day trying to find food.

Myth: Rats and Mice Only Gather in Dirty Places

Mice and rats are trying to find safe places where they have easy access to food. If you have rats or mice in your home, it does not mean that you are dirty. It just means that you have something to offer these rodents.

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