Food-Safe Pest Control Measures for a Commercial Kitchen

 ThinkstockPhotos-92250798It’s important to keep pests out of your home, but it’s even more important to keep pests out of your commercial kitchen. If you own a restaurant, the success of your business relies on maintaining a clean and pest-free kitchen. However, there are strict laws and regulations that restaurant owners must adhere to in regards to pest control. A commercial pest control company in Tucson can help keep your kitchen clean without violating local health code regulations. You can also keep pests at bay by following these food-safe pest control measures.

Keep the Kitchen Clean

The easiest way to keep pests out of the kitchen is to keep the kitchen clean. Mop floors and wipe down countertops and prep stations on a daily basis. Also make sure everyone in the kitchen cleans up all spills right away.

Seal Points of Entry

Another easy way to keep pest out is to seal points of entry around the kitchen. Cover vents and drains with screens and make sure there are no gaps around windows and doors. Also try not to leave unscreened windows and doors open. Your pest control provider can inspect the perimeter and address any weak points where pests can infiltrate your kitchen.

Inspect New Deliveries

When you receive a shipment of food products or supplies, inspect the deliveries carefully for roaches, pantry moths, and other insects before you bring them into the kitchen. If anything seems suspect, dispose of it immediately or refuse the delivery.

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