Bug Identifier: What pests are most common to Tucson?

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Tucson, also known as the “Old Pueblo”, is celebrated for its diverse landscape, which includes flowering desert, rolling hills, winding dry riverbeds, rugged canyons, and pine-topped peaks. Due to many factors, including steep elevation changes, warm subtropical climate, and the dance between temperate and tropical weather, Tucson has a unique makeup of insects commonly found […]

Pest Management in Tucson

Pest Management in Tucson

As a homeowner or renter, you enjoy the comfort of your own furnishings, a unique style and the shelter from outside elements. Namely, the Tucson heat and its insects. Just as much as you enjoy a respite from the high temps, so do the many bugs here in Tucson. When these insects begin to invade […]

Commercial Pest Management Service for Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens

commercial Pest Management service

It’s important to keep pests out of your home, but it’s even more important to keep pests out of your commercial kitchen. If you own a restaurant, the success of your business relies on maintaining a clean and pest-free kitchen. However, there are strict laws and regulations that restaurant owners must adhere to in regards […]