Monsoon Season Pests: What to Know

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Monsoon Season Pests are headed our way…

The temperatures are dropping and we find ourselves getting just a bit of relief.  Our natural instinct is to spend time outside, either in our yards or on our porches and balconies, enjoying the 20-degree break in warmth and to ogle over the changing skylines.

Within seconds, you may notice that your awe is interrupted by an increased smacking of the skin. From tiny bugs to flying insects, the monsoon season brings with it swarms of particles and pests.

When is Monsoon Season in Arizona?

Arizona’s monsoon season begins in June and continues through September. With the increase in high winds, flash flooding, dust storms, and extreme heat, new pests are coming from every direction. They are looking for a new residence where they can shield themselves from the elements. Tucson Pest Management companies like DSR Pest Management are here to help keep your at-home summer activities bug-free.

Which pests are likely to increase during Monsoon Season?

The inbound, inclement weather can uproot and bring in all sorts of uninvited insects. The three main pests to be mindful of during monsoon are the ants, mosquitoes, and termites.

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Ants and Monsoon Season

While ants may not seem to be a big bother, they have the ability to ruin the structure of a home and the content therein.

As it rains in downpours, ant colonies flood, forcing them to look for shelter. The new wet soil helps them travel faster and further to solid ground, away from untimely showers. Namely, the inside of your home.

Arizona has its own breed of ants that differ from others. With the Monsoon Season comes three types of ants known for their destructive demeanor.

Three Types of Ants Increased During Monsoon Season

Carpenter Ants – their physical description is broad as they vary in size and colors, however, they are often found dwelling inside of the wood of your home.

The greatest issue they pose is that, while they do not eat the wood in your house, they do remove chunks of it in order to nest inside.  This obviously causes damage that compromises your home’s integrity.

Crazy Ants – just as their name implies, crazy ants move sporadically so you can find them in the most random locations.  From under carpets to inside houseplants, your home is likely to be invaded as they do not favor outside over inside. They dwell in both dry and moist climates making your entire home fair game.

Fire Ants – these pests are one-eighth of an inch long, either black or red, and build their nests around yards, gardens, parks, and roadsides. Their nests are typically found in open daylight and most common in disturbed and irrigated soil. This means that the Monsoon season is ideal for their traveling and re-homing.

The biggest risk fire ants pose is their aggressive behavior. They sting those who intrude on their turf. This is especially alarming for those with small children or elderly family members.

Visit our Tucson’s Backyard Bugs Insect Identifier to see what these pests look like and how we can help you eradicate them safely from your home.

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Mosquitoes and Monsoon Season

As if the severe weather and road closures weren’t enough to deal with during Monsoon Season, the outside environment can also bring about pests that may be hostile to your health.

Mosquitoes aren’t just annoying bloodsuckers. They are also capable of sometimes transmitting diseases in the process of feeding.

They prefer standing pools of water where they can lay their eggs, so the Monsoon Season is the epitome of their preferred conditions.

Termites and Monsoon Season

Termites are nothing new to Arizona, however, come Monsoon Season, they can multiply.  Not just via ground transfer but also by air, as many termites have wings as well.  This phenomenon, called “swarming”, happens during a perfect storm of high winds and moist soil – a Monsoon’s makeup.

The greatest nuisance of these termite species is the Subterranean Termite. They are local to Tucson and known for their extensive damage to foundations and wood structures. If you find these, termite treatment will be necessary to avoid further damage to your home.

How to combat pests during Monsoon Season

Your best bet against Monsoon Season pests is to keep an eye out for home invaders and insects swarming nearby.  Calling a local specialist, like DSR Pest Management, is a fast and reliable solution to significantly minimize and even eradicate the presence of these pests near your residence. Not just year-round but especially during the Monsoon Season. To learn more about our services, visit us online or call (520) 790-7759.

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