Pest Bird Control

Pest Bird Control
bird pest control

Looking forBird Pest Control in Tucson, AZLet DSR help keep those pesky birds away!

DSR Pest Management, Inc. specializes in Bird Pest Control and helping eliminate pest-bird infestations on your Tucson property.

Pest bird nests and bird droppings can cause damage to building and equipment and pose serious health hazards. If you have a bird pest control problem, DSR Pest Management, Inc. has the solution for you.

  • Deter pest pigeons and swallows that take up residence in your buildings and under overhangs.
  • Eliminate sparrows and swallows nesting in your property under eaves or over expensive machinery and equipment.
  • Protect warehouses and food storage areas from infestations and pest bird droppings.
  • Protect airports, hangars, and runway areas from aviation safety hazards caused by pest birds.

DSR can come periodically to monitor your home and help prevent a PEST BIRD. infestation.