Black Widow Spider prevention methods

black widow spider

The black widow spider is the most venomous spider in North America. Although there hasn’t been a death in the United States attributed to the black widow spider in over ten years, a bite from a black widow can cause medical conditions ranging from abdominal pain and nausea to chest pain, respiratory difficulties, and paralysis. Children and the elderly can have a more severe reaction to the venom of the black widow spider and are at a higher risk of developing life-threatening symptoms. To protect yourself and your family from black widow spiders and other dangerous pests, schedule regular service appointments with a residential Pest Management company in Tucson. These tips will also help keep black widow spiders out of your home.

Minimize Hiding Spots

Black widows are not typically “out in the open” spiders. Instead, they prefer hiding and setting up their webs in dark, cool places. To help keep your home free of black widow spiders, minimize hiding spots around your home. For example, eliminate non-essential outdoor items and yard debris.

Inspect Firewood and Other Outdoor Materials

Black widow spiders normally end up inside by hitching a ride on a piece of firewood or other outdoor item brought indoors. Before you bring firewood or anything else that’s been sitting outside in your home, look carefully for black widow spiders and any other type of pest.

Dust and Vacuum Regularly

If black widows do end up in your home, they will typically set up webs and egg sacs anywhere they feel hidden and secure, such as underneath furniture, in the corners of rooms, beneath windowsills, etc. Dust and vacuum these areas regularly to get rid of any black widow egg sacs and spider webs.

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