Pest Management Tips for Spring Insects and Animals

Pest Management Tips for Tucson AZ

The spring season will be here before we know it and even though with the season comes warmer temperatures that everyone is looking forward to, other things that come with it are bugs and animals. Unless you take Pest Management precautions and measures now to keep these bugs out of your home, you may very well find them making their own home inside. So enjoy these Pest Management tips!

Pest Management Tips to Keep Them From Coming Inside

There are many different things that you can do to try to prevent bugs from coming inside but there are a few key things that work best. These are the Pest Management steps that you should take before the temperatures start to heat up outside:

Clean-up and Remove Clutter:

One of the best things you can do for Pest Management is deep clean your home. If you normally get the spring cleaning itch, then you are already going to be on the right track. However, you do not want to just wipe down your countertops and dust around your home. It is a good idea to get into cracks and crevasses to really give your home a deep cleaning. Beyond that, you also want to get rid of any extra clutter around your home. Take some time to clean out your closet and get rid of anything that you no longer use. You should also get rid of any old newspapers and cardboard boxes that roaches are attracted to.

Check Windows and Doors for Any Gaps:

You should take a look at the doors around your home that lead to the outside. When the door is shut, if you can see light coming inside from the outside around the edges, you should add in some weatherstripping until no light comes through. You will want to do the same thing with your windows and also check your window screens for any holes. Consider adding some caulk around the edges of your windows and replacing any window screens that have holes in them. Bugs, such as spiders or scorpions, can easily enter into your home if there are openings for them and by eliminating these openings, you are adding another level of Pest Management protection.

Fix Any Leaks Around Your Home:

Many bugs come into our homes looking for shelter and moisture. You should take a look at any leaky pipes or faucets around your home and get them fixed as soon as possible. If you are not sure if you have any leaks around your home, make sure you take some time to check all of your visible piping, including any that are outside, to verify that you do not need to fix anything. You do not want to add any extra moisture inside your home to attract any of the pests that are outside.

Remove Any Foods That May Attract Bugs:

Finally, you should take some time to clean out your kitchen and remove any old food as well as consider storing any remaining food in air-tight containers. Bugs, such as ants, can also be attracted to food in your home but this is a great way to protect your food, mask the smell from pests, and keep them from coming into your home looking for it.

What to Do If You Encounter Dangerous Bugs or Animals

In the Tucson area, it is not completely uncommon that people will come across dangerous animals or bugs from time to time within or around their home. If you are not sure whether an animal or bug is poisonous, it is always best to play it safe. If you come across animals such as a rattlesnake or even a poisonous spider, you should not try to remove them on your own. Instead, it is always best to leave this job to the professionals and call DSR Pest Management. The last thing you want is to get bit by a poisonous animal or spider and we know the best methods for removing them for you.

By following these tips, you are removing the kinds of temptation that these bugs will be searching for in the next few months. Beyond using all of these tips to prevent bugs from getting into your home this spring, you should also consider getting regular Pest Management services so you have an extra layer of protection all around your home. If you are interested in getting your Pest Management started, be sure to contact us today.

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