Getting Your Home Ready for Pest Management Services

Pest Management

Whether you have scheduled a general Pest Management inspection or hired an exterminator to address a specific problem, there are a few simple steps you can take to get your home ready for Pest Management services. While you won’t need to make many changes in preparation for Pest Management, easing the way for your exterminator will result in a faster, more effective Pest Management solution and minimal disruption of your daily schedule.

Clear Access Points

During a Pest Management inspection, your exterminator will want to examine as much of your home as possible. This often includes little-used areas such as garages, crawlspaces, sheds, and attics. To make this process easier, take a moment to clear away anything obstructing entry points and make sure these areas are safely accessible. Straightening up these areas can also help your Pest Management expert spot an infestation more easily—if you notice any signs of an infestation yourself during cleaning, note what they are and where you found them so your inspector can pay special attention in these areas.

Confine Pets

If you have pets, it may be easier to confine them to a single room during a pest inspection or Pest Management service. This will not only keep your pet calmer, it will ensure your Pest Management technician can move freely through your home without worrying about leaving doors or windows open during his inspection. Because some treatments may be harmful to pets, make sure to tell your Pest Management service you have pets and that you want to use animal-friendly treatments in your home. Your technician will let you know how Pest Management services may affect your pet and whether he should be kept away from certain areas until treatments have dried.

DSR Pest Management, Inc. is pleased to offer comprehensive Pest Management throughout Tucson. Our experienced exterminators can quickly spot the signs of a problem and help you develop an effective long-term pest management solution. Please visit us online or call (520) 790-7759 to schedule Pest Management for your home.

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