Tips for dealing with a roach infestation

roach infestation

Roach infestations are a common pest issue found in inhabited areas across the world. Fortunately, modern Pest Management techniques can quickly and effectively eliminate a roach infestation from your office or home. The best solution for complete cockroach extermination hinges on the implementation of integrated pest management, which combines regular inspections with ongoing preventive measures and quick treatment of any infestations that do recur.


Baiting is one of the most common techniques of curing a roach infestation. This solution may be either fast-acting or slow-acting, or a combination of both types of baits may be used. Fast-acting baits immediately kill the cockroaches after ingestion, which reduces the number of cockroaches quickly. Slower-acting baits can be used to carry the poison back to the nest, where it is passed on to other cockroaches to eliminate the colony as a whole. Baits can be applied as a paste or via small, self-contained bait traps.


In cases of a high volume roach infestation, vacuuming can be an effective solution to quickly reduce the number of insects before other Pest Management measures are taken. Vacuuming requires the use of a HEPA vacuum cleaner to contain not only the insects but the allergens produced by cockroaches as well. This type of physical removal will not eliminate the source of the infestation but is an excellent complement to other Pest Management techniques.


Dusting uses insecticide in the form of a powder to coat areas where cockroaches are active. Only a fine layer of dust is needed to provide a good solution for long-term control of a roach infestation and other pest infestations as well. Dust can be applied in areas where other Pest Management baits or techniques are not effective or easy to use, such as on ceilings, inside cracks and small openings, and along floorboards.

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