Why Pigeons Are a Problem for Your Property

pest birds

When many people think of pests, they envision ants, cockroaches, bedbugs, termites, and rodents. However, pest birds can be just as damaging. They can affect the look, comfort, and safety of your home and or commercial property. Pigeons often flock to both urban and residential areas for the plentiful food, water, and shelter offered by human construction.

Pest Bird Droppings

The droppings associated with large pigeon flocks pose multiple concerns for property owners. Pest Bird droppings are unsightly, causing damage and deterioration to your building’s exterior and walkways. These droppings can also cause paint damage to vehicles parked outside your property and build-up on outdoor furniture over time. Fresh droppings may be slippery, posing a fall hazard for those accessing paved outdoor areas. Additionally, pest bird droppings are an ideal environment for many types of bacteria and fungus, which can cause infections and health complications in humans who come into contact with contaminated droppings.

Pest Bird Nests

Pest Birds like Pigeons tend to build nests in sheltered, protected areas, such as eaves, chimneys, and overhangs. These nests, typically made of any materials the pigeons can find, can present a fire hazard when located in chimneys, HVAC ductwork, or outdoor appliances. Nests may also block air and water vents or pipes, causing problems with your utilities and affecting the indoor air quality of your property if feathers, dirt, twigs, and other debris clog vents and intakes. If these pest birds gain access to the interior of your property, large-scale nesting and droppings can overload ceilings and walls, posing a risk of structural collapse.

If you’re experiencing a pest bird problem on your property, DSR Pest Management, Inc. has the solutions you need to remove pigeons, swallows, and other pest birds quickly and safely. You can reach us today by calling (520) 790-7759 to discuss bird control with a pest management expert in Tucson; we also invite you to stop by our website for more information about our integrated Pest Management solutions.

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