Pet Safe Pest Management and what you can do about it

pet safe Pest Management

Pet safe Pest Management is a popular topic. Your pet is an important member of your family. While residential Pest Management is essential to keep your home free of unwanted guests, your Pest Management service shouldn’t pose a threat to your pet’s health. We are happy to provide pet safe Pest Management to keep your pet healthy, and happy during and after every Pest Management treatment.

Talk to Your Exterminator

The most important thing you can do for your pet’s safety before a Pest Management treatment is to talk to your exterminator. Let him know that you have a pet and ask about your options, including green and pet-friendly Pest Management chemicals for a safer treatment solution inside your home or in outdoor areas where your pet frequents. Your exterminator will let you know if any treatments could affect your pet, as well as where they will be used and how long you should keep your pet away from affected areas.

Keep Your Pet Contained

Pets have a tendency to act unexpectedly, especially if they are curious or frightened. You can protect your pet during Pest Management visits by keeping him contained in a single room and letting your Pest Management specialist know where your pet is located. If the room your pet is in needs treatment, you can move your pet while your exterminator waits elsewhere to ensure your pet doesn’t accidentally come into contact with any chemicals or equipment out of curiosity. You should also remove and cover any pet food and water bowls during Pest Management treatment; although your exterminator will take extreme care, it’s best to keep your pet’s belongings out of the way for added safety.

At DSR Pest Management, Inc., we care about the comfort and safety of your family—including your pets. Our Pest Management services include eco-friendly options that are safe for your pet and your home; you can reach us to learn more by calling (520) 790-7759, or check out our website for additional details on how we can rid your home of scorpions, termites, bed bugs, and more.

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