The Terrifying and True Story of Africanized Bees

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An encounter with any kind of bee can be scary, but running into an Africanized bee could be deadly. Also known as killer bees, this breed does whatever it can to protect its home. This is why bee removal is better left to professionals like DSR Pest Management. Keep reading to learn more about these bees and what you should do if you see them:

Problems with Science and Breeding

In 1956, Brazilian scientists started working with bees from South Africa to try to breed a honeybee that could survive in the South American climate. Unfortunately, some of the bees managed to flee quarantine in 1957 and started to breed with local bees. The population quickly grew and spread throughout South and Central America. Within the last 10 years, they have successfully made their way to North America and continue to travel at alarming rates.

A Fitting Name

Africanized bees are also called killer bees because they are known to viscously attack both people and animals. If the bees feel like someone is entering their territory, they will pounce. Many people have been seriously injured and even killed from their encounters with Africanized bees.

Unprovoked Attacks

Africanized bees do not have stronger venom than other kinds of bees, but they tend to attack in larger numbers, which makes them far more dangerous. The bees do not only attack if their hive is disturbed, though. Sometimes even a loud noise like a passing car can bother them enough that they attack anyone who is close by for the next 24 hours. If you see any Africanized bees in your area, it is imperative to call a Pest Management company to take care of them.

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