5 Ways You Can Unwittingly Attract Ants

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Although they are small, ants cause a huge inconvenience in your home. If you have a problem with ants, you might be attracting them without even realizing it. Keep reading to see what might be leading ants to your home:

Leaving Food on the Counters

Ants travel together to find new sources of food. If you leave open containers of food on the counters or in the cabinets, you could start seeing these pests in your kitchen. You should place any open food inside a container with a lid to reduce your risk of getting ants in your home.

Leaving Food in the Trash

The trashcan is another source that could be leading ants right to you. When you throw away food and let it sit in the can, it starts to smell more desirable to ants as it breaks down. You should wrap up any perishable food before you throw it away and take out the trash frequently.

Leaving Pet Food on the Ground

If you put food down for your dog or cat and leave it sitting for long periods of time, you might be attracting ants. You should try to put the food down for as little time as possible to avoid issues with these pests.

Leaving Cracks in the Home

A lot of homes have small cracks in the walls and floors. These cracks do not create a noticeable problem, but they could be how ants enter your home. Take the time to fill in these cracks to try to keep ants out.

Leaving Other Pests in Your Yard

If you have trouble with other pests like aphids in your yard, they might be attracting ants. Call for help from a Pest Management company to reduce your chance of dealing with them. If you have ants or any other pests, DSR Pest Management, Inc. is here to help. With some of the most reliable Pest Management services in Tucson, we get the job done. Call (520) 790-7759 to learn more.

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